The Urban Renewal Project

Hip Hop / Soul / Brass Band

The Urban Renewal Project

Stay Tuned, 5ve

Sat, March 10, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$12.00 - $23.00

This event is 21 and over

The Urban Renewal Project
The Urban Renewal Project
Brass. Bars. Beats. Eclectic blend of soul, hip-hop & jazz sounds from an L.A. big band since 2010.
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned
In an internet age where information is coming to us at light speed, how does one bridge the gap between real life and our pixelated version? Stay Tuned to find out.

One of the few live acts to successfully marry the concept of Audio and Visual - and quite possibly the only live Hip-Hop act to do so - Stay Tuned was the most fitting name for the outfit, based initially on their love for all "sub-genres" of Hip-Hop and music as a whole, and the influence those styles have had on them. This was first reflected in the recorded music made, taking Boom-Bap, Dubstep/Electro, Hardcore, Downtempo...righteously, whatever moved them at the moment, and crafting live sets as such. Boston MC, Akrobatik
pointed out to the duo that he admired how they'd bounce around sonically in their live sets, which was also metaphoric for the ups and downs that were faced in the industry itself. The light bulb flashed. MC Mane Rok figured "Stay Tuned" would perfectly describe the musical path taken-of which grew when the live set coupled itself with the visual portion, leaving the group's then DJ-DeeJay Tense- as the program director controlling a live video
feed with his turntables. This continued to grow and began to come full circle, influencing how overall ideas and themes for albums came to fruition. The first being the fictional story of a serial killer (with an underlying theme questioning media practices) in the form of "Murder He Wrote: A Love Story."

The Stay Tuned moniker would allow the group to have interchangeable parts. Akin to the idea of channel surfing, letting them invite special guest performers, making each show unique. The channel surfing idea has now come to full bloom in
their self titled EP released 1/24/15 (simply take a listen to understand), which was also the official introduction of the groups new DJ, DJ AWHAT!! (formerly of The Pirate Signal,) and the change itself begs the listener to...well...Stay Tuned.
Born in Motown Detroit in 83', then living in Atlanta until moving out to CO in 96', Quinn '5Ve' Lynch' comes from a rich upbringing of composing & producing all original and organically made beats, singing, songwriting, rapping, recording engineering and performing hip hop since around 1997. He formed his first group, Audible Audities, in Boulder, CO at the turn of the century, and released his first studio record in 2007, Audible Audities-Last Call Poets. 5Ve later created his second group, Glitta Kings, in 2010, and have since released 2 studio albums with this project.
in 2014,, he made his first efforts at creating his still all original music outside of his comfort zone, pushing the envelope exploring the whole new genre of throwback soul and r&b, and released 5iVe-Radioland feat. Jessica Jones in 2015, showcasing his self taught singing and ability to adapt to any given environment.
5Ve signed to local label/movement Universal Language Entertainment, where he now lends his production, singing, songwriting and rapping, and will release his first solo hip hop album, 5Ve featuring GaDJet-Facetious in early 2018 under the label.
With such a wide array of range and diversity in his talent and craft, 5Ve has become a seasoned music artist and curator and continues to make his music with 100% creative control for over 20 years now. Expect much, much more out of him for the future.
Venue Information:
Ophelia's Electric Soapbox
1215 20th Street
Denver, CO, 80202