Roka Hueka's Annual Halloween Bash w/ Don Chicharron and more


Roka Hueka's Annual Halloween Bash w/ Don Chicharron and more

Don Chicharron, Cheap Perfume

Fri, October 27, 2017

9:00 pm

$7.00 - $23.00

This event is 21 and over

Roka Hueka
Roka Hueka
Combining traditional and contemporary Latin ska, Roka Hueka is a 6-piece band with members originating from Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, and the US. Singer Andres Gonzalez brought his love for energetic ska from Chihuahua, Mexico to Colorado. Finding time from his job as a construction worker, he formed one of Denver's only Latin Ska groups in the fall of 2013.

Seasoned Bassist Ric Urrutia has played with political Latin-fusion/hip-hop act Debajo del Agua since 2006. He has also collaborated with Roka Hueka drummer Blake Pendergrass performing with local hip-hop artists. Multi-instrumentalist and Roka Hueka guitarist Jorge Ramirez began his musical career with Colombian punk legends Nadie, and founded the roots reggae outfit, The Coffee Makers. Rounding out Roka Hueka are the jazz-trained horn section. Trombonist Parker Kuhn has played music since age 10 and trumpet player Matt Wikolak is studying music at CU Boulder and has shared the stage with nationally renowned musicians including Dave Douglas, Art Lande, and Paa Kow.


Combinando lo tradicional y lo contemporáneo del ska latino, Roka Hueka está conformado por seis integrantes originarios de México, Colombia, El Salvador y USA. Andrés Gonzalez vocalista, trajo la pasión del ska energético de Chihuahua Mexico a Colorado, encontrando tiempo libre de su trabajo en la construcción para así formar una de las únicas bandas de ska latino en Denver a mediados del año 2013.

Bajista Ric Urrutia ha tocado con la banda Debajo del Agua que tiene su fusión política-latina-hip hop desde el año 2006. También ha tenido la oportunidad de colaborar con Blake Pendergrass baterista de Roka Hueka tocando con distintos artistas locales de Hip Hop. Multi-instrumentalista y guitarrista de esta banda Jorge Ramírez, comenzó su carrera musical con la leyenda del punk Colombiano Nadie, y así después fundar la agrupación de reggae The Coffee Makers. Agregándose a esta banda en la sección de los metales, con su toque de Jazz, trombonista Parker Kuhn comenzó en el ambiente musical desde la edad de diez años, y en la trompeta estudiando música en la Universidad de Colorado CU, Matt Wikolak, quién ha compartido escenario con músicos reconocidos a nivel nacional incluyendo Dave Douglas, Art Lande y Paa Kow.
Don Chicharron
Don Chicharron
Somos de la selva. Nuestro sonido viene de Peru y la musica psicodélico. A bailar!

We are a band of jungle music warlords. Our sound is rooted in traditional Peruvian cumbia pop and psychedelia. Let's dance.
Cheap Perfume
Cheap Perfume
Cheap Perfume is a feminist punk rock band that formed in 2015 in Colorado. They’re fun. They’re angry. They’re dirty, foul-mouthed and unapologetic.

Through lyrics written by singers “Jane No” and Stephanie Byrne, Cheap Perfume explore topics of equality, sex, relationships, violence and politics. Stephanie’s shout-singing and aggressive stage presence drive live performances that excite and empower audiences. While playing her loud, fuzzy electric guitar, Jane sings catchy melodies that complement Stephanie’s sass talk. David “Hot Dave” Grimm’s heavy drumming and Geoff Brent’s powerful bass lines deliver straight-up punk rock that’s influenced by riot grrrl, pop and metal.

The band released their first full-length album, “Nailed It,” in November 2016. The satirical song “Dogs Against Dog Hollerin’” explores what it would be like if women talked to men the way men talked to women. “Trump Roast” skewers a recent political disaster. And “Slut Game Strong” celebrates a woman’s freedom to be promiscuous despite the double standard. (The girls tried to write a sweet love song once but gave up quickly.)

Cheap Perfume play around Denver and Colorado Springs, where they love to see crowds having just as much fun as they’re having onstage drinking champagne and flirting with one another.
Venue Information:
Ophelia's Electric Soapbox
1215 20th Street
Denver, CO, 80202