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Ophelia’s has taken many forms: located in an 1894-era Victorian brownstone, it was a brothel, turned peep show, turned adult video library. The building, which is also on the National Register of Historic Places, houses Ophelia’s, the latest project of Justin Cucci and the Edible Beats team. The upscale, gastropub-inspired menu will include a fresh take on flatbread pizzas, burgers, and wings. Ophelia’s is a restaurant, bar, and live music venue, with a boudoir-style décor that honors the building’s past, and Ophelia, the muse. The sunken stage embodies a swanky Moroccan speakeasy feel and a top-of-the-line soundsystem.

The design mash-up consists of Justin Cucci’s trademark, “recycled & repurposed craziness” and pays subtle homage to the unique history of the building: 4000 collected Jäger bottles serve as the back of the basement bar; visitors will find a backdrop of transistor radios on the stage; vintage movie-theater wallpaper; and a host of old sex show booths and marquees that celebrate sexuality.

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