Debajo del Agua with Bang Data, 2MX2, Yucasoul

Debajo del Agua with Bang Data, 2MX2, Yucasoul

Bang Data, 2MX2, Yucasoul

Sat, July 8, 2017

9:00 pm

$20.00 - $30.00

This event is 21 and over

Debajo del Agua
Debajo del Agua
Debajo del Agua was recently selected as one of the Best Latin Music Acts in Colorado by Denver Westword. They are a seven-piece instrumental hip-hop band with members from Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, and the United States. They make borderlesss music fusing hip hop with the melodies of Andean music, samba, son, salsa, cumbia, reggae, and reggaeton This fusion creates a flavorful blend of melodies, spiced up with a style of its own. Emcees with socially conscious lyrics, backed by upbeat Afro-Latino percussion, indigenous wind instruments, and Caribbean and South American strings blend together to create an impressive sound that leaves crowds in awe.
Bang Data
Bang Data
Bang Data is formed by Bay Area’s MC Deuce Eclipse on lead vocals, who’s well known by hip-hop fans as an accompanying voice to the legendary Zion I and musician/producer Juan Manuel Caipo who has become a sought out name producing & mixing in the San Francisco music scene and abroad. Deuce and Caipo have created music loaded with heavy grooves,Samba-Ska- Cumbia and hints of Afro-Electro- Bossanova. This mix of beats, rhymes and melodies are infused with soulful bilingual (English/Spanish) lyrics. The sound is unmistakably theirs. Their self-titled single “Bang Data” from their debut album La Sopa was featured on on AMC’s Emmy® Award winning television drama Breaking Bad.

On stage they are joined by Michael Cavaseno on guitar and Marco Guzman on bass. The group has performed with acts such as Calle 13, Cafe Tacvba, Ozomatli, Zion I, Natalia Lafourcade, Enanitos Verdes, Panteon Rococo, Chico Trujillo & Kinky.
Bilingual hip hop has long been a desolate genre, yet 2MX2s powerful force has ignited a new kind of pride amongst the double tongued population. Detonating stages with a formidable live show, crowds around the US have been tasting what Role Pley and Juice E.T. Hugo mean when they say “Por aqui, por alla”. The year 2012 has their name written all over it.
In 2008, Role Pley & Juice E.T. Hugo signed to LateNite Entertainment headed by manager/CEO, Maki Lucero, which led to their first album under LateNite Ent; the “2012 LP”. Then known as 20:12, they became leaders in Latino social justice music, while displaying a wide range of styles for people who wanna either take back their rights, romanticize a woman, party up or simply vibe through the streets. Featuring Latin Grammy Award winners Akwid, and Grammy Award Winner Bizzy Bone (from BTNH) the album shed light onto a bright future for the group.
The name 20:12 exploded once they hit the stage, performing music that was written and recorded for performance. Combined with tongue twister verses, catchy hooks and choreographed performances, their stage presence grew providing a show unmatched by many live acts in the music industry. With the help of professional dancer/choreographer Ray Maestas, their live show became a minefield for the group.
Later in 2010 through 2011, after the success of their first album; 20:12 set out on their first national tour with Akwids and other such as Fulanito, MC Magic & Kinto Sol.
In two years the group had performed over 100 shows throughout the United States and landing a couple gigs in Mexico. Early 2011, they began production of their latest album “2MX2: Case Study 20:12” emancipating themselves from the name 20:12 into the name 2MX2. They released their first single under the new name with a video ‘Planet LateNite’ filmed at the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza, the song became a hit and reached over 43,000 hits in the first 3 months. Summer of 2012 they headlined their first tour “The 2MX2our w/ DJ R Skwared” further solidifying 2MX2 into their already established market.
Case Study: 2012 was completed and released in March 2012 and brought a whole new image for the two.The second music video, directed by Eric Heights, featured reality TV star K.O. on “Why You Hatin’ on Me” which became a fan favorite. Then they hit hard with their second viral video/short film for the song “The Beast is Out” by Emergency Room Films directed by Vince Lance and N8G that has over 50k hits on Vimeo and YouTube. One of their singles “Si Se Puede ft Rebel Diaz” was purchased for licensing to appear on the motion picture El Gringo starring Christian Slater. Breaking them into the mainstream media.
Later in 2012, the group gained TV exposure in a special addition featuring independant talent on the Telemundo newscast on a segment called "Vamonos De Fiesta". Soon after, they were selected to be on national television on Estrella TV for the hit show “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” season 6 and again the following season advancing even further to the semi-finals of season 7.
The group has now gained major television exposure as there has been a lack of representatives in modern hip-hop on behalf of bilingual emcees. Recently adding drummer Kinetic Xound to their live show they have managed to create a one of a kind live experience combining the arts of drumming, DJing, beatboxing, rapping and choreography. The group is gaining huge momentum as the ground quakes nearing the winter soltice of the year 2012, the name 2MX2 symbolizes the new generation of hip-hop and all of its collective culture.Their music is both English and Spanish integrating mainstream music, to underground hip hop, as well as northern regional mexican music and reggeton. 2MX2 combines genres with hip hop to create their unique and versatile sound. The bilingual group was quickly recognized for their energetic show filled with choreography and theatrics, as well as their passion and devotion for Latino Culture. Drawing crowds bigger than most national acts, 2MX2 has become a local phenomenon, gaining a devoted fan base at a tremendous rate. And as the world quakes to the sound of 2MX2, a movement engulfs the audiences and the power of la raza devours tides of resistance.

El hip-hop bilingüe ha sido un género desolado durante mucho tiempo. Pero la poderosa fuerza 2MX2 ha encendido una nueva clase de orgullo entre la generación con dos lenguas. Haciendo estallar escenarios con un formidable espectáculo en vivo, las multitudes en todo Estados Unidos han probado lo que Role Pley y Juice E.T. Hugo significan cuando dicen “Por aquí, por allá”. El año 2012 tiene sus nombres escritos en todo lugar.

En 2008, Role Pley y Juice E.T. Hugo firmaron un contrato con LateNite Entertainment, dirigido por el gerente general Maki Lucero, lo que los llevó a su primer álbum con la etiqueta LateNite Ent; el “2012 LP”. Entonces conocidos como 20:12, ellos se convirtieron en líderes de la música latina de justicia social, a la vez que compartieron una amplia gama de estilos para la gente que quiere recuperar sus derechos, enamorar a una mujer, estar de fiesta o simplemente compartir buena energía en la calle. Junto con Akwid (ganador de un Grammy Latino) y Bizzy Bone (de BTNH, ganador de un Grammy), el álbum iluminó el futuro del grupo.

El 20:12 explotó una vez que subieron al escenario, interpretaron música y grabaron para las actuaciones. Combinados con estrofas trabalenguas, atrapantes frases y actuaciones coreográficas, su presencia en el escenario proveyó un espectáculo sin paralelo entre los muchos actos en vivo en la industria de la música. Con el coreográfico y danzante profesional Ray Maestas, su espectáculo llegó a ser un campo minado para el grupo.

Más tarde, en 2010 y en 2011, tras el éxito de su primer álbum, 20:12, ellos comenzaron una gira nacional con Akwid y otros como Fulanito, MC Magic y Kinto Sol.

Durante los últimos años, el grupo ha actuado en más de 100 shows en Estados Unidos y un par de veces en México. A principios de 2011 comenzaron la producción de su más reciente álbum
“2MX2: Case Study de 20:12”, por lo que se emanciparon del nombre 20:12 para adoptar el nombre 2MX2. Ellos publicaron su primer sencillo con el nuevo nombre y con el video ‘Planet LateNite’, filmado en las pirámides mayas de Chichén Itzá. La canción se transformó en un éxito y llegó a ser vista 43.000 veces en los primeros tres meses. En el verano de 2012, realizaron su primera gira como músicos centrales. La gira “The 2MX2our w/ DJ R Skwared” solidificó la relación de 2MX2 con su mercado ya establecido.

Case Study: 2012 quedó completo y se publicó en marzo de 2012 y le dio una nueva imagen al dúo. El segundo video musical, dirigido por Eric Heights, incluyó a la estrella televisiva K.O. de “Why You Hatin’ on Me”. El video se transformó en un favorito del público. Y luego golpearon duro con su segundo video/cortometraje viral para la canción “The Beast is Out”, por Emergency Room Films, dirigido por Vince Lance y N8G. El video fue visto más de 50.000 veces en Vimeo y en YouTube. Uno de los sencillos, “Sí Se Puede ft Rebel Díaz”, fue comprado para ser includo en la película El Gringo, protagonizada por Christian Slater, ingresando así en los medios masivos no minoritarios.

Más tarde en 2012,el grupo estuvo en televisión, durante un segmento de talentos independientes en el programa “Vámonos de Fiesta” de Telemundo. Luego se los seleccionó para un programa nacional en Estrella TV, para el exitoso programa “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento”, sexta temporada. El dúo siguió avanzando y llegó a las semifinales de la séptima temporada.

El grupo ahora ha obtenido una mayor presencia en la televisión, en parte porque no existen muchos representantes del hip-hop moderno en nombre de los maestros de ceremonias modernos. Recientemente, se les sumó el baterista Kinetic Xound para los espectáculos en vivo, en donde han creado una experiencia única al combinar el arte de la batería con los disc jockeys,
“beatboxing” (ritmo encajado), rapeando y coreografía. El grupo está ganando tanto impulso que el suelo tiembla al acercarse el solsticio invernal de 2012. El nombre 2MX2 simboliza la nueva generación de hip-hop y toda su cultura colectiva.
Yucasoul (Stephen Smith-Contreras) is a Los Angeles based DJ, producer, and percussionist. As a DJ and producer, Yucasoul tastefully blends folkloric sounds from the African diaspora with eclectic modern underground beats, chords, and melodies. His vibe ranges from lounge to the dance floor and beyond. His sound has been greatly influenced by Afro-Latin music, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Soul.
As a percussionist, Yucasoul has worked with top tier musicians both on stage and in the studio, and has performed internationally. His deep interest in percussion has driven him to study with master drummers in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru and the United States. His style stems from Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Brazilian percussion traditions, and their fusion with Jazz, Funk, and Hip Hop. He holds a graduate degree in Ethnomusicology.
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